People Tree

Kaveri Print Top | Navy

CHF 85

The fair produced top Kaveri is elastic and adapts wonderfully to your body. V-neckline on the front and back. Fits with jeans and slacks, can also be combined well with high-waisted trousers thanks to its close-fitting shape.

Material: 95% organic cotton (GOTS), 5% elastane.

Ethically made in Mumbai, by certified partner Creative Handicrafts. 

People Tree was one of the first fashion labels to focus on fair trade and sustainability. The slow fashion label was founded in 1991 by founder Safia Minney. 

All clothing is made to the highest ethical standard. Traditional craftsmanship is combined with modern technologies, where real cooperation is also visible. By including embroidery art in the collections, for example, jobs are created where there were not enough before.

People Tree was the world's first fashion brand to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organization label. The GOTS and World Fair Trade Organization label both confirm that safe working conditions, fair wages, transparency and environmental protection are practiced to a high standard at People Tree.

Wir möchten, dass sich deine Kleidung bequem anfühlt, also ziehe dein Maßband nicht zu eng. Versuche, deine tatsächlichen Körpermaße zu nehmen, anstatt über deiner Kleidung zu messen. Oft ist es einfacher, einen Freund oder eine Freundin zu bitten, dir beim Messen zu helfen. Hier sind ein paar Tipps, die dir helfen, genaue Maße zu nehmen:

Oberweite: Lege das Maßband unter deine Arme, über deine Schulterblätter und über den vollsten Teil deiner Oberweite. Denke daran, zuerst auszuatmen.

Taille: Miss um deine natürliche Taille herum.

Hüfte: Miss um die vollste Stelle deiner Hüfte am oberen Ende des Beins.

8 = XS  |  10 = S  |  12 = M  |  14 = L  |  16 = XL  

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