Hello & thank you for visiting our online shop!   

I am Sarina, the founder of fairoase.ch. I have been running the online shop with great passion since 2019 and love all the work involved. My goal is to bring modern fair fashion to you!

It all started when I first saw the documentation "The True Cost" by Andrew Morgan (2015) a few years ago. I'm still shocked that no one is talking about the miserable, unethical practices of the fashion industry. 

From that point on I have stopped buying fast fashion and almost completely stopped consuming clothing alltogether for one year. That's how I found out which pieces in my wardrobe I actually wear the most and what I really need (and more importantly, what i don't). When I wanted to bring a few basics and introduce some freshness to my wardrobe, I became aware of slow fashion.

Ethically and sustainably produced clothing unfortunately still has a somewhat outdated image - but fortunately that is changing! More and more slow fashion brands with great ethical ethos and modern designs are appearing on the market. And that's lovely to see :)

Many of them are scattered around the world. Ordering online from abroad when living in Switzerland is known to be expensive when it comes to customs. The return process is usually not worthwhile due to the high return costs and therefore placing an order becomes an unpleasant experience. That's what I have experienced. 

Our goal is to take over this whole process and to bring modern fair fashion to your doorstep with easy access :) Find out more about our ethical and sustainable fashion brands here.