Hi! I'm Sarina, the founder of fairoase.ch. In the following I would like to tell you something about my motivation, which led to the establishment of my online shop.

The main reason, and also the continuing motivation, is the documentary "The True Cost" by Andrew Morgan (2015). I am still shocked that no one is talking about the inhumane fashion industry, when fashion is important to many people. From the moment I saw the documentary, I told myself I wouldn't buy clothes from unethical fashion companies.

For a year I almost completely refrained from consuming clothes in order to be clear to myself first and foremost which parts I wear the most and which style I like. Then I became aware of the many fair and sustainable fashion labels.

Unfortunately, fair and environmentally friendly fashion does not yet represent a "trendy" way of dressing. In the meantime, however, there are some clothing brands that have set themselves exactly this motto and produce chic garments from environmentally friendly materials under fair manufacturing conditions.

Some of these brands can be found all over the world and the ordering process is often difficult with the associated costs and the mostly unprofitable return effort.

My goal is to take over this process and pack various fashion labels into this online shop. Since the offer in Switzerland is small, I would like to expand the range for consciously living people and close this gap.