We want to bring modern Fair fashion to Switzerland! 

The green, dusty image of eco-fashion has long ceased to apply. There are now many fashion labels that combine a modern sense of style with ethical and sustainable values.

However, for us living in Switzerland it is always a hassle and unpleasant experience to order abroad. High shipping costs and custom fees add up and leave a bad feeling to what otherwise would be exciting.

With fairoase.ch we want to bring modern and sustainable fashion to Switzerland with easy access. 



Nobody should have to pay the costs of the unethical fashion industry. No human, no animal and neither does the environment. Fashion is a luxury good, but unfortunately it is mostly not seen that way.

Disposable clothing for the same price as a pizza distorts the perception and awareness of the cost and effort that go into a single item of clothing.

From the cotton in Kazakhstan to the T-shirt haning in a shop in Zurich, mulitple steps and a lot of work are necessary, which we are often not aware of.

The spinning of the thread in India, the weaving of the fabric and finally the production of the T-shirt in Bangladesh actually mean environmental pollution, forced labor and unhealthy working conditions (and so on).

Fortunately, there is another way. If you stop buying fast fashion, you will find lovely brands that bring high quality clothing with values to life. Sustainable or slow fashion is the ethical counterpart that provides you with long-lasting joy. We want to celebrate and support that.


Our values

We ask questions and are very specific when adding new brands and products to our store. With the help of certificates and recognized memberships in foundations such as the Fair Wear Foundation, we can source reliable information.

Due to a lack of background information, we have so far made the conscious decision against wool (except recycled) and leather.

We want to avoid unnecessary material and general waste as often as possible and therefore send without extra material and stick to the essentials.

If you have any questions about our products or specific informations, please feel free to email us at hello@fairoase.ch.