People Tree

People Tree was one of the first fashion labels to focus on fair trade and sustainability. The slow fashion label was founded in 1991 by founder Safia Minney. The focus has remained the same ever since and has been expanded over the past three decades. 

All clothing is made to the highest ethical standard. Traditional craftsmanship is combined with modern technologies, where real cooperation is also visible. By including embroidery art in the collections, for example, jobs are created where there were not enough before.

Designs are created that are modern and yet timeless. Classic cuts and colors are mixed up with playful prints and motifs. There is definitely something for every taste. The materials are carefully selected and so you will mostly find GOTS-certified cotton, TENCEL ™ Lyocell and linen. All dyeing processes are carried out with environmentally friendly, non-toxic agents, free of harmful azo dyes. 

People Tree was the world's first fashion brand to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organization label. The GOTS and World Fair Trade Organization label both confirm that safe working conditions, fair wages, transparency and environmental protection are practiced to a high standard at People Tree.

I first found out about People Tree when I saw Safia Minney in the documentary “The True Cost” (Andrew Morgan, 2015). Since then I think the brand is great and I am really happy, to be able to introduce it in our range!