We are proud to be official partners of the fair underwear and swimwear brand Anekdot! The feminine styles and appreciation of all body shapes makes hearts beat faster. 

The name Anekdot refers to the stories of the recycled fabrics and materials used and how they find a new life through the brand.

Sofie is the founder and designer of Anekdot. Born in Sweden, she studied fashion design in Italy and worked in London with the first companies committed to sustainable fashion. Over time, it became more and more apparent to her how the art of design has changed in the fashion world. No longer is craftsmanship valued, but people and nature are exploited by endless production. 

Her love for vintage treasures and precious textiles, together with the motivation to be part of the change, led her to create her own brand "Anekdot". She uses valuable materials left behind by the commercial industry in her designs and breathes new life into them. Together with her team, they are on a path of constant optimisation to reduce the impact of the manufacturing process and to further empower their makers. 

"Waist isn't waist until we waist it.


ECONYL ®: recycled fishing nets, waste, carpet lint and fabric waste. Additionally Oeko-Tex certified. Versatile, extremely durable, soft and breathable. 
Q-NOVA® recycled lace with ROICA™: thanks to innovative ROICA™ yarn, the elastic components can also be made from recycled fibres. Thus, the entire lace is 100% made of recycled materials. Additionally GRS and Oeko-Tex certified.


Production takes place in Berlin and near the Polish border. This achieves the goals of reducing the footprint and further ensures fair wages. 

Until now, these high-quality, durable pieces have been lacking in Switzerland - which is why we are all the more pleased to make them accessible to people living in Switzerland. Discover our collection of Anekdot now! 

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