Wir sagen Nein zu Black Friday. ✋

No to Black Friday ✋

Black Friday. A Friday that has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years, calling the masses to (mass) consumption. Many big corporations and also small shops are taking part in this movement and are hoping for high sales numbers at the end of this day or weekend. We are not ready for that.
Consumption has multiplied dramatically in recent years and decades. People want to own more and more things, the lower the price, the more tempting the offer. You can't only blame the consumers, because the offers are designed in such a way that it is difficult to say no. 
Unreal offers fill the mailbox and letterbox with said hype. It has entered the retail market in a way that is not desirable. 
The discount battle has now also met with approval in our industry. We would like to clearly differentiate ourselves from this. 
We say no ...
... to overconsumption
... to impulse purchases and cheap goods
... to unscrupulous greed for profit
... fashion without ethics
We say YES to informed purchase decisions and long-lasting favorite clothes in your closet. All year round. Happy Slow Friday!
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