Wie du mit Slow Fashion Geld sparen kannst

How you can save money with slow fashion

Save money with slow fashion? How does that work? Fair and sustainable clothing is expensive, how should I save?

These many questions and skeptical thoughts about slow fashion are among the reasons why many people choose fast fashion and continue to shop at H&M and Co.

In this article I would like to show you how you can not end up spending a lot of money, but also save money with a clear conscience.

The first point is actually the most important: less is more. In general, no matter which manufacturer, buy less. According to Greenpeace (Disposable Clothing, 2015), 40% of clothes are worn very rarely (less than every 3 months) or never. That means that everyone would get along well with a little more than half of it in their closet.

Let us assume that every average person owns 118 items of clothing (disposable clothing, 2015) each would own about 47 pieces less, which, by the way, would make up 404,504,000 pieces for Switzerland alone (!). Accordingly, with an average price of CHF 25.00 per item of clothing, you could have saved around CHF 1,175 so far.

Exceptions are of course the T-shirts, tank tops, pants, shorts, skirts and bikinis that every person will buy this summer. Here is an example:

Let's say you would buy 10 more fast fashion items this summer. At an average price of CHF 25.00, that would be CHF 250.00. Since fast fashion is not of high quality and trends change quickly, you will likely be doing the same thing again for the next few years. In 5 years this would be equivalent to CHF 1250.00 for summer clothing.

If you decide to switch to fair and sustainable fashion this summer, the next 5 years could look like this:

New clothes summer 2020:

1 x summer dress (e.g. Beaumont Organic, Marissa - CHF 145.00)

1 x bikini (e.g. Pura Clothing, bikini set - CHF 178.00)

1 x carrier top (e.g. Elementy Wear, Holiday Top - CHF 59.00)

Total: CHF 382.00

The following 5 years summarized:

Spare mit Slow Fashion

This means over the 5 years for slow fashion a total of CHF 1081.00. So you would have compared to fast fashion Saved CHF 169.00 including less chaos in the wardrobe and not supporting the unethical fashion industry with a single cent.

Do you see the difference In the beginning it can be an investment to switch to fair and high quality fashion. But that's exactly what it is - an investment. Over the years you will have a solid wardrobe that will stay with you for a long time. So that you will spend less in the short term. Because you will have everything you need. Thinking a little further and living with these new pieces for the long term, that's what slow fashion means.

Are these few new parts? Yes, but think about how many pieces you already have and how you can combine them with the new ones.

If you really want to change your style or if you need new outfits for a new job: I understand that. The way to do this is to find out what the most important pieces are for you and to invest there. Do you lack the money? Secondhand is the best, environmentally friendly, and most affordable option!

Think carefully before you buy your next favorite piece. You will thank yourself for it next year and with a good feeling you will be happy to wear the same again.

I hope this post showed you how you can save with slow fashion and broaden your horizons a little. :-)

~ Sarina


Source: Greenpeace (2015), disposable clothing.