Was Minimalismus für mich bedeutet

What minimalism means to me

What is minimalism”- The image of an almost completely empty apartment (except for a bed, table and chair) appears in your head when you want to answer this question for yourself? 

Minimalism is referred to as a form of lifestyle. The ways to live a minimalist lifestyle are very diverse. They range from conscious considerations before the purchase decision, to radical mucking out and clearing out, to living out of a suitcase, because all of your own possessions can finally fit into the small square. 

Because there seem to be so many options for defining minimalism and integrating it into your everyday life, I want to share my thoughts on this topic. 

What do I really need to live?

A big question: what do we really need in life? A bit scary and it sounds like you have to commit to something. Don't worry, the answer can and should change at any time. Because I actually find the considerations that lead to the answers exciting.

So, let's approach the question slowly. What are the absolutely most important things that you need in life? For me it is the following:

  • A home in which I feel comfortable 
  • family and friends
  • Sufficient income to ensure a secure living
  • Laptop and mobile phone (for work, music and to be able to reach loved ones)
  • my favourite cloths
  • Coffee (not to be neglected)

With a roof over my head, my social environment and enough income to finance my life, I can definitely live. To be able to work, I need a laptop and a cell phone, the latter also to reach my loved ones and listen to music.

Depending on your usual standard of living and what you individually need in order to be able to live your everyday life, this list varies of course. My question to you: what would your list look like? 

Such thought processes and also writing a specific list (we could argue about coffee as an absolute minimum) made me realize that I already have everything I really need. 

Why do I associate these thoughts with minimalism? Well, besides being about the essentials, I also think minimalism is something very personal. Everyone defines the minimum differently. As mentioned, standard of living, your own definition of happiness and living conditions play a major role. It's okay if your list is longer, shorter, or more detailed.

Personally, I think that the considerations behind it are important and that is exactly what I associate with a minimalist, conscious mindset. This awareness helps me with everyday purchase decisions, from regular shopping in the supermarket to purchasing new furniture. Because I know that I already have everything I really need.

Tip: struggling to answer this question? First try the anti-question “What do I need not necessarilyto live? ”. 

Do you never buy “unnecessary” items?

Of course, I also buy non-essential things - because they bring me joy. :) An example for me would be a new piece of slow fashion clothing, a new picture for home or a book that I really like the cover of, but I'm not sure whether I'll read it then ... 

Basically, however, I try to avoid impulse buying and keep coming back to the thought that I have nothing really need. In my opinion, this is not about perfection or extreme adherence to a self-imposed rule. I consciously try to decide what will come into my life and my apartment, what deserves its place and will give me long-term benefit or joy.

In the same way, you can extend this mindset to people and personal relationships - that's good! :)