Why should I buy fair fashion?

Many questions may be asked "Why should I buy fair clothes?". As already mentioned, I came across the subject of fast fashion through the documentary film" The True Cost "by Andrew Morgan (2015). That's when I realized what I support when I shop at commercial fashion houses and was shocked. I recommend and to everyone everyone to watch the film and ask yourself this question: Do I want to vote with my money that people in tragic circumstances produce clothes for me?

Fair fashion is expensive - Ethically correctly manufactured clothing costs more because the people behind it can only earn something like this. But in fact the prices for conscientiously manufactured parts seem very expensive at first glance, because the big fashion houses tell us that you can buy a T-shirt for CHF 15.-. If you think about it for a moment, it becomes clear that this can hardly be possible. The following example decodes the costs of a € 29 T-shirt (source: Fair fashion guide ).

Kostenaufschlüsselung eines T-Shirts

According to this breakdown, the worker receives only 0.18 € of the 29 € purchase price. If, on the other hand, you buy a fair t-shirt, you can use your money to vote for a social production method and support a brand with a clear conscience that wants to do the right thing. Take part! 

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