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Courage your closet & find your style

The first thing is that you think about your goals and intentions.

  1.  What should your closet look like after this action and how would you like to feel when you open the closet doors?
  1.  What kind of style do you want to embody with your clothes? How would you like to affect other people? 
  1.  Can you think of something that you really want to change?

  2.  What flatters you about fit and color, what do you prefer not to wear anymore? 

This is now your own guide when you have difficulty making decisions. 

Here we go! take everything out of the closet and search in general all clothing in your household and put them in a pile. Take a look at the pile (which is usually larger than expected) and reconsider your resolutions. Then it starts!

First, take your clear favorites from the pile and put them aside.

Now, most likely, the harder choices remain - what does your list say? One at a time, take a part and ask yourself:

  • Is the size right?
  • Do I feel great wearing this?
  • Would I buy this part again?
  • Is it still in a clear condition?
  • Does it fit my desired style or what does my list say?

Certainly there is a bunch of maybe, try to keep it as small as possible. Tip: Collect all the maybe parts in a box and stow them away. If you haven't missed any part within 3 months and haven't looked inside, dispose of everything - you've long since forgotten the things!

Do you find parts that are broken? Could you fix it But only keep the part if you also have it really will repair!

In the end, you will almost certainly notice which colors, patterns and styles you like. I found that very exciting personally! In addition, I was able to adapt my buying behavior and knew which parts I like in the store, but which I very likely won't wear. This way you get one big step closer to your conscious and cured wardrobe! 

I hope these tips are helpful & that you can clear out your closet successfully with them. Do you want to show me your result? I would really like to see it! Post a photo on Instagram and tag me @ 

Greetings & stay healthy!


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