Fashion Revolution Week 2021

Fashion Revolution Week 2021

DAY 1: The journey

It’s Fashion Revolution Week! We want to take you on a journey of education on this topic - wrapped in little tasks and tipps each day. We believe that change happens through knowledge and inspiration, so that’s what we want to bring you this week!  

Our recommendation for today is to watch the Documentary The True Cost on Netflix or Youtube. As the #fashionrevolutionweek is based on the tragedy of Rana Plaza in 2013, it represents a good start to get a first insight in the topic of fast fashion and how it leaves masses of people in poverty and despair. Not to forget the impact on our planet, both topics are covered and visualised in a capturing way. Let’s take this first act for change together! 




DAY 2: Resources

It’s the second day of the fashion revolution week 2021. Today, we want to supply you with multiple ressources, where you can find informative and also inspirational content around the topic of Slow Fashion - the better and vision for the future fashion industry. 


@good on you app


Ethical Fashion Podcast


DAY 3: Redefining Value

A recent find was this panel talk by Fashion Act Now. The speakers talk about different aspects of Fast Fashion: How the production and manufacturing of the clothing industry started to develop in Asia and why. Thoughts about how to change the industry and why it’s therefore necessary to change our definition of value. 

How do you value your clothes? Do you appreciate the resources, materials, craftsmanship and people behind what you buy in store X? Does that equal the price you are willing to pay for a T-Shirt? 


Bel Jacobs (co-founder of Fashion Act Now)
Simone Cipriani (Founder and Head of Ethical Fashion Initiative)
Asad Rehman (director of War on Want)
Clare Farell (co-founder of Extinction Rebellion)


DAY 4: Earth Day

It's Earth Day. We are very aware of the environmental impact that fashion creates on our planet earth. Recently, we wrote a blog article about how fast fashion impacts the environment and what steps we as individuals can take. We would like to welcome you to educate ourselves further on this topic and take action! Because remember, every step in the right direction counts.


DAY 5: Greenwashing

It’s Day 5 of this year’s Fashion Revolution Week! Today, we want to talk about Greenwashing. 

We are at a point where sustainability has become a trend, which in itself actually would be phenomenal. Problem is, that also the big players in the fashion industry do now frequently use this term to promote their clothing even more. While being the fast fashion brand they are, it’s simply not possible. Don’t be fooled by words written on tags with no meaning behind it. Ask #whomademyclothes and be critical. 

It’s little changes in our daily lives that add up to something big - so why not start today? 

DAY 6: Rana Plaza

Rana Plaza. It’s been 8 years since the tragedy of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. A building with five textile factories collapsed and took the lives of 1138 people. An additional 2500 people were harmed. 

Despite workers reporting cracks in the building’s walls days before, they were forced to go to work anyway. No one listened, no one cared. 

Since then, the Fashion Revolution was founded and every year we are all together raising awareness for this tragic matter. 

The people that sew our clothes deserve to be valued, to work in safe places, earn a decent wage and be able to live a life worth living. Instead they are forced to work, get promised money that they never receive while being dependent on the job to be able to survive. This has to stop. 

We are the change and every step counts!


DAY 7: Where to begin

It’s Day 7, the last day of this year’s #fashionrevolutionweek. 

There has been a lot of information throughout this week. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or feeling like you can not change anything as one person. BUT YOU CAN! 

You would like to change your behaviour? That’s awesome!! Here comes a list for you on how to start the journey to a more sustainable closet without feeling overwhelmed: 

  1. Evaluation - what do you currently own? Are you happy with your clothing pieces? Find out what works for you and what doesn’t. This way you can create a list of things that will no longer be welcomed into your closet.
  2. What kind of pieces and style do you like wearing and feel good in? Write it down! Sometimes we can become tempted by new trends - that’s exactly the moment to think of your list! Go back to what works for YOU instead of going after pieces that look good on somebody else.
  3. Value yourself and each step you take on this journey. Don’t focus too much on the things that you still can improve and thoughts on how long the way to go still is. The process is the goal - change takes time and that’s ok.
  4. Be an inspiration to others. Lead on with a good example and you will find people to be inspired by your actions.
  5. Education is power. Stay curious!
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