Nachhaltige Mode: Mit diesen 5 Schritten zum Umstieg

5 tips on how you can switch to slow fashion now

1. The first step is tough, but it has the greatest effect: Say goodbye to fast fashion and stop buying from companies like H&M, Zara, Levi's, etc.
    2. Get to know your style and your favorite items in your wardrobe. Wonder why you keep wearing them. Do you see a pattern
      3. Clear out your closet and keep only your favorites.
        4. Slowly and consciously put together your wardrobe by consciously buying only ethical and high-quality clothing. Important: Ask yourself what you need and what purpose it should serve in your wardrobe. The aim is that the new item of clothing will accompany you for many years!
          5. Talk to your friends about the fashion revolution and its importance for people and the environment. ♡


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